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Gel Pillows
Americh offers two comfortable gel pillows to maximize bather comfort. These pillows include a light, adhesive backing that allow the pillows to securely stay in place while bathing. Both pillows are easy to remove and clean with mild soap and water. You can move them to any location on your bathtub. Available in Black only.

12” pillow -
This pillow can be attached to any location on the bathtub wall. This accessory is ideal for someone in need of neck support and relaxation.

Angled Pillow -
This pillow conforms to the deck of a bathtub, creating a relaxing bathing experience at a supportive, reclined angle. It is especially formatted to reduce tension in the neck and back regions.

12" Pillow
Angled Pillow

Pillow Options

12” pillows (Available in Black only)
Part #: PILL12-BL   List Price: $115  

Angle (Available in Black Only)
Part #: PILLAN-BL List Price: $160