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Pumps and Heaters

Serenity Soak -
Is specifically designed for non-jetted bathtubs (soaker tubs only). It maintains the water temperature inside the bathtub without a heater.

Inline Heater -
Is designed for whirlpool bathtubs. It operates whenever the whirlpool system is running and keeps the water temperature warm. This accessory is only available on the Builder and Luxury series whirlpools. This can be added on to Builder and Luxury Series that have an Airbath system installed. It cannot be installed on standalone Airbath systems.

Syllent Pump -
Is a special upgraded pump that is the quietest one in the industry, as well as one of the most energy efficient ones on the market. It maintains water temperature and substantially delays water-cooling by capturing and circulating heat from its motor, while emitting no sound. Adding this special feature will improve your bathing experience for years to come. You can now relax in a jetted tub without noise disturbing your relaxation. This accessory can be added to the Builder and Luxury packages. However, it comes as standard equipment on the Platinum series.

Serenity Soak
Inline Heater
Syllent Pump

Pumps and Heaters

Serenity Soak Heater
Part #: SERENSOAK List Price: $815

Inline Water Heater (110 volt)
Part #: IH-120 List Price: $590

Pump Upgrade - 1 HP Syllent Pump with Built-in Heater
Part #: SYLLENT List Price: $780