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Lo-profile Tub Edge

The Lo-pro option is available for customers who would like more space over the threshold of their bathtub for easy access and who would prefer a cleaner, sleek profile appearance. This is a great choice for clients who need additional space due to special needs or accommodations! Our professionals can trim the tub deck down to ½” - 3/4”, adding more threshold space and lesser need to struggle by stepping over the threshold into your bathtub. The other advantage of this option is that by trimming the tub deck, the appearance of the bathtub’s profile becomes less obvious to the viewer and more noticeably sleeker in appearance!

Lo-pro is available on most bathtubs. To see if a specific bathtub qualifies, please check the model specification sheet that is available on our website.

Lo-Profile Tub Edge

Lo-profile Tub Edge (Tub Lip Trimmed to 1/2”- 3/4” )
Part #: LOPRO List Price: $135