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Waste and Overflow

PVC Waste & Overflow -
Our basic and most affordable drain kit option.

Cable Drive Waste & Overflow -
We offer an option to upgrade to a cable-drive waste & overflow on most bathtubs in our collections. This specific drain has less moving parts inside the tubing, which reduces the possibility of clogging.

Linear Overflow -
Is a slotted drain that provides more of a contemporary look and feel.

PVC Waste & Overflow
Cable Drive Waste & Overflow
Linear Waste & Overflow

(provided without trim)

(shown with optional trim)

Waste & Overflow Drains (See Tub Specification Sheets to Determine Availability)

PVC Waste & Overflow
Part #: WO-__ Standard finishes (BI,BO,PC,WH) List Price: $170

Cable Drive Waste & Overflow Upgrade
Part #: WOU-__ Standard finishes (PC,BI,BO,WH) List Price: $280
Part #: WOU-__ Premium finishes (ORB,PN,SN,) List Price: $395

Linear Overflow with Toe Touch Drain (BM,PC,PB,ORB,PN,SN, WH)
Part#: LINEAR-__ List Price: $365

Optional Trim Plate for Linear Overflow (BM,PB,PC,PN,SN,ORB)
Part#: PLATE-_ _ List Price: $140