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Troubleshooting Guide

Symptom: Pump will not turn on

Possible Cause: Circuit breaker to the pump has been tripped.
Recommended Solution: Check if circuit breaker has been tripped, reset if necessary.

Possible Cause: GFCI has been tripped.
Recommended Solution: Check GFCI and reset if necessary.

Possible Cause: Air switch is disconnected from air switch assembly or from air control box.
Recommended Solution: Check air switch tubing at pump and at air switch assembly to make sure it is connected.

Possible Cause: A kink in the air switch tubing.
Recommended Solution: Check tubing and remove any kinks.

Possible Cause: Thermal protector in motor has been tripped.
Recommended Solution: Allow motor to cool then attempt to start.

Possible Cause: Water is not above water sensor.
Recommended Solution: Make sure water level is 1/2" above water level sensor.

Possible Cause: Sensor or return wires have come loose.
Recommended Solution: Check wire to make sure they are tightly connected.

Symptom: Motor is working but is not pumping water.

Possible Cause: Pump is not working.
Recommended Solution A: Make sure that water is at least 2 inches over the highest jet.
Recommended Solution B: Check for air leak in the suction line. Tighten union of the suction line at the pump.
Recommended Solution C: Lower pump by spreading apart the legs of the pump stand

Possible Cause: Suction fixture is clogged.
Recommended Solution: Check suction fixture and remove any debris found.

Possible Cause: Jet(s) are clogged.
Recommended Solution: Check each jet for obstructions and remove if necessary.

Symptom: Noisy Motor

Possible Cause: Pump is not mounted correctly
Recommended Solution A: check for loose mounting, shim up pump is necessary