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Vibro Sonic Massage

Our Vibro Sonic Massage (VSM) system provides a comforting massage to 6 different pressure points throughout your back. This massage system combined with the warmth of the water deeply stimulates your blood circulation and relaxes the tensions within your muscles. No time to fill the tub? No problem! The Vibro Sonic Massage system can be used with or without water offering you access to a massage anytime you feel the need.


The Vibro Sonic System offers various levels of personalized power. Depending on your it allows the best massage based on your body stature.

The Vibro Sonic System offers various levels of vibration, allowing the massage to deeply penetrate within your muscles.

The Vibro Sonic System offers 3 different Shiatsu massage sequences.
VSM 6 Jet
VSM 8 Jet
Part # List Price Part # List Price
Standard - VSM6-XX $1,900 VSM8-XX $2,405
Remote - VSM6R-XX $2,235 VSM8R-XX $2,740